Japanese Fusion

Delicious Japanese cuisine with a full flavor of the umami in dashi

Dashi — an indispensable essence of Japanese cuisine.
We hope to serve Japanese food with the umami in dashi to the people of Finland.

This is the reason why we run a Japanese restaurant here in Savonlinna.

Not only do we create seasonings, but we also run Kimmi Restaurant, a natural food restaurant.

We want to serve the food that envelops full flavors of ingredients to please our customers and express the greatness of food.

Authentic Ingredients

Spare No Effort

At the restaurant, we mainly serve hot pots, sushi, a la carte dishes, and homemade udon.

We use safe and secure ingredients such as insecticide-reduced and organic vegetables and fresh meats and fish, serving you with the chef’s proud dishes to warm your body and soul.

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